8 page paper on muhammed-400 level college course

BEFORE you offer your services PLEASE read the following and respond only after you feel you are fully capable of meeting these standards. I have been extremely let down in the past by individuals on this site claiming “A” quality work yet completing “D” quality at best.


• This is a 400 level college course final exam. It needs to be well done, well written and well cited. I will dispute you and request to be refunded through the resolution center if these instructions are not adhered to.  

• Please be sure that your paper is well-written, with ZERO grammatical and spelling errors.

• Answers must be based on the readings for this class WHICH I HAVE INCLUDED AS ATTACHMENTS, you should reflect ONLY on the ATTACHED materials. I’ve included ample pdfs for you to choose from. If you absolutely have to use other sources it must be in a very limited way, in order to make a very specific point that one cannot make on the basis of the assigned readings.

• Your answers to the 2 questions I have listed below must be stated in summary fashion in your opening paragraph, and the rest of the essay must be strictly organized as a series of arguments, substantiated by the ATTACHED readings, to support the answer or position you have stated in your introduction.

• The paper itself needs to be 7.5-8 pages in length. There are 2 main questions needing to be answered.  Each question should be answered in a 3.5- 4 page essay. 

• The 2 questions are as follows:


1. The Prophet Muhammad is referred to in Islamic tradition as “the beloved” (al-habib), and his followers—both his companions and later Muslims—often demonstrated more love than fear of the Prophet. Discuss various ways in which love of the Prophet was manifested during his own life, according to early accounts, and in later Muslim devotional beliefs and practices. 

2. According to a popular Sufi saying, “Muhammad is a man, but not like other men; he is ruby, while [other] people are stones.” How does the Islamic tradition simultaneously portray Muhammad as “just a man,” and as standing above all other human beings? 

• Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins (all quotations longer than a single sentence should be put in a quote box, in single spaced, 10-point font).

I have attached the full Instruction sheet as well as all the assigned class readings needing to be used as references for you to choose from. If AND ONLY IF you can adhere to these guidelines send me a message saying “I am capable” so I know you have read these instructions in their entirety. 

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