Adolescent psychology | Psychology homework help

I have a Case Study assignment. The forms to be completed are a Intake form, and a 2page summary. Check requirements below:

 The client name is Samantha Wood she’s 15yrs of age, African American. 

This week, your adolescent has returned for another session.
For session two, discuss with the adolescent possible transition or general adolescent development models that might help the adolescent understand what is occurring and/or their contribution to the issue. For example, if the adolescent reported academic challenges can the adolescent list a few personal behaviors that might be contributing to this reported issue?  What are the goals and next steps for the adolescent in regard to resolving/coping their issues?

Continue the case study and write a report that summarizes the discussion above as well as addresses the items below.

  1. Explore relationship changes that occur in adolescence (parental, friendships and romantic) and which of these are occurring for the fictitious adolescent in the scenario you have developed
  2. Assess the influence of social environments relevant to adolescence to include the role of family, peers, culture, school, work, media, and community.
  3. Discuss the connection between physical well being and emotional/behavioral health for your adolescent client.

Include APA formatted in-text citations and reference list that includes the text and any other scholarly references that were used. Suggested length is at least 2 pages, 

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