Choosing a methodology | Computer Science homework help

Consider the differences between Agile and waterfall.

Select 1 methodology to use for a project plan for this initiative.

Create a simplified project plan such as the examples listed in the “Tips” section below. Include, at least, the following criteria: (the predecessor and notes are frequently missed)

Name of task 




After completing your simplified project plan, write a 175-word paragraph and complete the following:

Define which methodology, Agile or waterfall, is most appropriate for this project. Why? Cite at least 2 sources to support your rationale.

Describe the following roles for this project: project manager, project sponsor, business analyst, and scrum master or program manager.

You may create your simplified project plan using Microsoft® Excel® or another software application of your choice. 


Research additional project plan examples online

Consider the application characteristics and requirements when building your project plan. For example, the app will require a search feature so employees can search for available programs, will require security to protect personal information, etc., which will help with the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Note: This information will be helpful in the Week 2 – Apply: Work Breakdown Structure assignment.

Read the 2 linked examples of project plans implemented as Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets: Example Plan A and Example Plan B. Use these as guides in creating your own draft project plan (DO NOT SUBMIT THE SAME TASKS!). Notice the differences between these 2 examples in terms of length (overall and task length), the structure of the work breakdown (iterative vs. non-iterative), and methodology. 

Submit your assignment – both your completed methodology questions and your project plan.


Reference and Citation Generator

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