Discussion reflection | Computer Science homework help

please see discussion below and respond using 150 words or more


This  course has proven to be very beneficial in my overall understanding of  Java and programming in general. To explore further in depth a very  important aspect of programming (data structures and their applications)  has truly enlightened me to more possibilities when creating code, and  to think more logically (which is never a bad thing in this field!). 

Learning how to create and manipulate the different data structures  proved to be quite difficult at times, but I also learned a great deal,  and am glad for the work. The assignments made me think critically and  were also enjoyable and thorough in explanation. I know that this course  will prove to be very beneficial in my future with computer  programming.

The professor was always very prompt with response to questions,  provided detailed and helpful feedback for the assignments, and provided  good insight in the discussions. He shared his understanding of the  subject material throughout each module and was always polite and  respectful!

Overall, though I did have some trouble at times, I thoroughly  enjoyed this course and am glad to continue my pursuit of knowledge in  this field.

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