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This week you will continue developing your marketing and communications plan for The Westside Coffee Company.

The Westside Coffee Company has just created bagged ground coffee that it wants to start selling at its local grocery chain in the ground coffee section of the store.

Create 2 proprietary trade promotion ideas to execute at the grocery stores to generate awareness, induce trials, and promote purchases of Westside’s new bagged coffees.

As part of the annual marketing plan, the owners of The Westside Coffee Company want to give back to the local community along with raising their local visibility. Develop concept ideas for each of the following:

  • Long-term cause-related marketing initiative to give back to the community
  • Partnership in the local community that could help provide visibility
  • Local sponsorship to raise its community profile

Estimate the costs associated with each proposal.

Format: write a 550- to 750-word executive summary describing these proposals.

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