International business management | Management homework help

 All references should be in correct APA style  

No plagiarism very  important 250 words. 

Read the case attached and answer the following questions below

 The Cutco brand is affiliated with Cutco Corporation, Vector Marketing Corporation, and Cutco Cutlery Corporation. It seems overly cumbersome for customers to understand that Vector Marketing Corporation is selling Cutco knifes! Meanwhile, Cutco is now the largest manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. How would you structure Cutco’s branding if you entered a new international market? 

 Need responses to teammates discussions  150 words ( The idea is to create a discussion-like atmosphere among students. Please note that replies such as “I like what you said,” “That’s a good comment,” and “I disagree with your comment” do not count as a complete reply. You must substantiate these general statements by stating specific reasons that support your opinions, adding additional, relevant thoughts, and/or providing alternative ideas. Courtesy in any disagreement is expected; thus, personal attacks are not acceptable and will affect your grade. )  

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