Netlab 4 | information technology | Prince George’s Community College


Complete Netlab 4 and submit your lab summary here.

NETLAB 4. A. Web Pen-Testing. 

  1. Scanning with Nikto. 
  2. Setting up Burp Suite. 
  3. Building a site man with Burp Suite. 
  4. Brute forcing a Web Application. 

NETLAB 4. B. Client Side Exploitations. 

  1. Hooking Web Browsers with BeEF Framework 
  2. Clients Exploitation with BeEF Framework. 

NETLAB 4. C. ARP Spoofing And MiTM Attacks.

  1. ARP Spoofing with ettercap. 
  2. Capturing web usernames and passwords 
  3. Maniputaing HTTP images. 
  4. Manipulating Java scripts. 

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