office of management and budget breach notification


Examine the elements required by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for a breach notification plan for federal agencies and develop a checklist to address the compliance requirements. 

In this work, you play the role of an inspector general. You’ve been given the task work of reviewing the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) breach notification plan requirements and submitting a checklist to senior management regarding the steps necessary to comply. You need to review the breach notification plan requirements and create a checklist to be submitted to senior management. The checklist should identify all OMB requirements for a breach notification plan, along with an example of actions that could be taken to comply with the requirement.


Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Arial 10-point size, Double-space
  • Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guide
  • Length: Minimum 500 words

Evaluation Criteria and Rubric

  1. Identify all elements of the OMB breach      notification plan requirements
  2. Provide an example of how each OMB requirement could be met

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