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QUESTION 1: write 7 to 8 lines on :

  Suppose you are working in Government, Industry or Social Services like a Medical or Charitable organization:
1. Describe a situation in which using scientific notation (not decimal notation) makes more sense.
2. Also, describe a situation in which decimal notation (not scientific notation) is more advantageous. 


Complete each statement with the correct word from the list below.

1. In the expression 7^5, the number 5 is the ___________________________. [4.1a]

2. _____________________rule asserts that when multiplying with exponential notation, if the bases are the same, we keep the vase and add the exponents. [4.1d]

3. An expression of the type ax^n, where a is a real number constant and n is a nonegative integer, is a(n) _________________________[4.3a,b]

4. A(n) _______________________is a polynomial with three terms, such as 5x^4 – 7x^2 + 4. [4.3ab]

5. .The _____________________rule asserts that when dividing with exponential notation, if the bases are the same, we keep the base and subtract the exponent of the denominator from the exponent of the numerator. [4.1e]

6. If the exponents in a polynomial decreas from left to right, the polynomial is arranged in __________________________order. [4.3e]

7. The _______________________-of a term is the sum of the exponents of the variables. [4.7b]

8. The number 2.3 X 10^-5 is written in __________________________ mnotation. [4.2e]









Monomial Binomial



 Describe a real-life scenario in which you may have to graph (or use) a linear equation. What does the slope represent in your example? What does the y-intercept represent in your example? 

QUESTION 4: approx 10 lines

 You work for Barbata Electronics. Your R&D people believe they have come up with an affordable technology that will double the capacity of existing MP3 players and uses audio format that is superior to MP3. The project is code named KYSO (Knock Your Socks Off). What kind of project management structure would you recommend they use for the KYSO project? What information would you like to have to make this recommendation and why? 

QUESTION 5: write minimum 10 lines 

 You work as an analyst in the marketing department for Springfield International (SI). SI uses a weak matrix to develop new services. Management has created an extremely competitive organizational culture that places an emphasis upon achieving results above everything else. One of the project managers that you have been assigned to help has been pressuring you to make his project your number one priority. He also wants you to expand the scope of your work on his project beyond what your marketing manager believes is necessary or appropriate. The project manager is widely perceived as a rising star within SI. Up to now you have been resisting the project manager’s pressure and complying with your marketing manager’s directives. However, your most recent interchange with the project manager ended by his saying, “I’m not happy with the level of help I am getting from you and I will remember this when I become VP of Marketing.” How would you respond and why? 

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