Stem cells | English homework help

Technological advances have made it possible for scientists and practitioners to expand life expectancy and improve quality of life. Some of these advances are not without controversy. One such area that has generated ethical debate is that of stem cell research.

In this discussion, you will explore what stem cell research is, and the controversy surrounding it. Stem cell research is an excellent example of the interdisciplinary impact of technology on society. Beyond the philosophical questions raised regarding the nature of human life, stem cell research also generates debate at the policy level.

1)      Before you read the following, record what your current understanding of stem cells is.

2)     After reviewing the learning resources for this discussion topic, respond to the following questions (use your own words): 

  • What are stem cells?
  • Why are stem cells considered important? What are they capable of doing?
  • Explain the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells.
  • What are the controversies inherent in stem cell research?
  • Does the information in this discussion topic alter your original ideas about stem cells?

Your response to these items should be 2-3 paragraphs in length in total. In order to receive full credit,

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