Tropicsun is a leading grower and distributor of fresh citrus

          Tropicsun is a leading grower and distributor of fresh citrus   products with three large citrus groves scattered around south Florida in the   cities of Mt. Dora, Eustis, and Clermont. Tropicsun currently has 275,000   bushels of citrus at the grove in Mt. Dora, 400,000 bushels at the grove in   Eustis, and 300,000 at the grove in Clermont. Tropicsun has citrus processing   plants in Ocala, Orlando, and Leesburg with processing capacities to handle   200,000 bushels, 600,000 bushels, and 225,000 bushels, respectively.   Tropicsun contracts with a local trucking company to transport its fruit from   the groves to the processing plants. The trucking company charges a flat rate   for every mile that each bushel of fruit must be transported. Each mile a   bushel of fruit travels is known as a bushel-mile. The following table   summarizes the distances (in miles) between the groves and processing plants:                Distances (in miles) Between         Groves and Plants         Grove Ocala Orlando Leesburg        Mt. Dora 21 50 40        Eustis 35 30 22        Clermont 55 20 25       Help   Tropicsun determines how many bushels to ship from each grove to each   processing plant in order to minimize the total number of bushel-miles the   fruit must be shipped.    

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