Tx govt purple conversation | TX GOVT | University of Houston–Downtown


1). Explain redistricting? Why do we redistrict?

2) Does every state redistrict?

3) Who does this redistricting?

4) Why is it a political issue?

5) What are the issues right now in Texas concerning redistricting, 2021?

6) How does redistricting impact communities of interest? The Black community? The Latino community?

7). finally, how is redistricting different this year than past years?


(After our 2020 census, we saw that our population in Texas has gown yet again!! Why does that matter??  And how does this impact you??

As you know when a state/city’s population grows so does their political representation meaning that TX will gain more representatives.  And how do we determine who and where this increased representation comes from??? This is the concept behind redistricting.  So let’s get a bit or grounding on this issue for our purple conversation this week.)   

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