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This assignment is a group assignment in which everyone needs to present and you are to provide a 45 minute presentation (approximately 15 slides) on the results of your work. Each indiidual in the group should be doing 15 minutes and 15 slides. You need to be able to speak from the slides but not have too much information. You will be evaluated on quality, presentation, time, and knowledge. You will present on Sunday of residency weekend and the assignment is due Sunday at 8:00 am, no later.

Each individual person will discuss the following in your presentation:

1. Which software you liked the best and why? Provide some screenshot examples.

2. Which software you liked the second best and why? Provide some screenshot examples.

3. Which software you like the least and why?Provide some screenshot examples.

4. Provide 3 pros and 3 cons of EACH software

5. Why is it important to know more than one digital forensics software when analyzing images?

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